Viv Daniels writes love stories for the young and young at heart. Like many of her characters, she met her husband in college, and knows all the ins and outs of navigating that kind of relationship — from how to date when you’re both flat broke to how to fit two people in narrow dorm room bed.

Viv can usually be found on her Facebook page or Twitter feed, chatting with readers about her favorite New Adult fiction, or sharing pictures of cute boys.


Hey, you look familiar! Do I know you?

Probably! I also write under a different name.

Why a different name?

Because these books are romances, I wanted my readers to know that any time they pick up a Viv Daniels novel, they are going to get an intense, emotional love story written for an above-18 audience. The name is a promise I’m making to you.

Where did the name Viv Daniels come from?

About a decade ago, I was working as a food critic in a small beach town and someone started passing around a picture of me to all the restaurants. Since I was trying to remain anonymous, I took to wearing a wig when I went out to eat. A romance novelist friend of mine, C.L. Wilson, thought it was the funniest thing ever and started calling me Viv after Julia Roberts’s character in Pretty Woman. The name stuck, especially at romance writers meetings and conferences, and so when I decided to pick a name for my romance novels, Viv was at the top of my list.

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